5 Ways to Revamp Your Resume


1. Consider the job that you are applying for: Every job is different and your resume should reflect the field that you want to work in. For instance, in creative industries you can rework your resume to reflect your aesthetic while still keeping it professional. You always want the most relevant and important work that you have done at the top.

Tip: Keep an eye out on job listings for “required skills” and if you possess any of them, use the keywords in your resume to help stand out when online software is looking for specific words.

2. Focus on accomplishments, not just duties: Employers want numbers and goals. Show them that you can meet benchmarks. The more numbers you can include the better because it serves as a reinforcement of your personal traits. It shows what you can bring to the company and your ability to problem-solve.

3. Use “power vocabulary”: Make every bullet an action and avoid clichéd words. Use industry specific terms to show knowledge. Check out this list of power words that can help you. On a very important note, always proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes.

4. Include modern elements: We live in a digital era, so it is important to highlight any skills that you have, especially with social media. If you’re comfortable, create a digital resume that links to your blog, portfolio, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other relevant accounts. The key is not to overdo it and keep it professional.

5. Show your personality: You want to stand out in a pile of resumes, so always add something that makes it your own. Whether it is a small pop of color, a photo or an interesting layout. Offbeat resumes are becoming more accepted, so experiment and do what feels right for you, all the while keeping a professional eye in mind.

Check out this Buzzfeed post for inspiration


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