Meet the new esPResso!

This past fall, I completed a group research project on esPResso for a Research and Analytics class. We found that although the majority of communication majors and minors at Marist that we surveyed knew what esPResso was, very few students were actually taking the time to read the bi-semester, PR-themed newsletter on Several participants in our focus groups mentioned that reading and sharing single articles on social media was more appealing than taking the time to slip through an entire newsletter.

From this research the idea of changing the format of esPResso was born. Julianna, the director of public relations for Marist PRSSA, and I discussed and brainstormed to discover the best way to do this. This blog is that product and is now a combination of esPResso and PRSSA’s old blog.

We hope that you will enjoy this student written and managed blog and will use this as your outlet to catch up on PR industry news, real-world advice and Marist PRSSA updates.

-Lizzy, esPResso Committee Chair & Julianna, Director of Public Relations


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