Chipotle’s Late Night Hack

Article by Jessica SchianodiCola | esPResso Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart/ Flickr

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart/ Flickr

Two weeks ago, Chipotle Mexican Grill experienced some of its best and worst Twitter moments all within a period of three days. On Feb. 5, Chipotle ran a social media campaign encouraging people to express their “Burrito Love” in an original haiku. Countless burrito enthusiasts posted their impressive and passionate responses with hopes of winning a dinner for two.

On Feb. 8, however, things took an unpleasant turn when Chipotle’s Twitter account was hacked. Around 1 a.m., Chipotle’s Twitter avatar was changed to a swastika and a stream of racist, anti-government and homophobic tweets began to emerge.  According to ABC News, it only took Chipotle a few hours to regain control of its account. The chain quickly cleaned up its feed and by 4:30 a.m. a tweet was posted that read: “We apologize for the very offensive messages sent out from our account earlier tonight.  We were unfortunately hijacked temporarily. –Joe.”

This was not Chipotle’s first time dealing with a public relations crisis over social media, but thankfully for the Mexican food chain, it has a strong and loyal fan base. Furthermore, by gaining control of the situation and responding within just a few short hours from when the account was initially hacked, Chipotle was able to prevent this temporary dilemma from turning into an unforgivable disaster.


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