Dove encourages women to speak, and tweet, beautifully

Article by Harley Chase | esPResso Staff Writer


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In the hopes of furthering its mission of self-love and empowering women, Dove took to Twitter with a campaign titled #SpeakBeautiful. The goal of the social media campaign is to promote a change in the way women speak, and tweet, about their bodies. With award show season in full swing, Dove also used the campaign to touch upon body-bashing of celebrities on social media. The campaign was put into full effect with a commercial that aired on Sunday, Feb. 22, during the Oscars pre-show but word of #SpeakBeautiful was spread through the company’s Twitter feed beginning on Feb. 19.

According to AdWeek, the #SpeakBeautiful campaign is based off of research conducted by Twitter that found four out of every five tweets posted about negative beauty and body image come from women negatively tweeting about themselves. After collecting this information and additional research, Dove launched its social media campaign to promote self-esteem on social networks. Director of Marketing at Dove, Jennifer Bremner, suggested that women today are 50 percent more likely to say something negative about themselves using social media. In a statement for AdWeek, Bremner explained, “The power to #SpeakBeautiful is in the hands of us all – we can positively change the way future generations express themselves online.” A few celebrities and public figures, including country singer LeAnn Rimes and Editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, have applauded Dove and tweeted positive messages using the hashtag.

Although the campaign was intended to bring about positive conversation, Dove received negative backlash from many Twitter users. According to The Washington Post, some tweets using #SpeakBeautiful expressed feelings that the campaign is just a ploy for Dove to make money off of women’s insecurities. The article stated that the campaign is being used to “lull consumers into a sense of intimacy so human, so convincing, that you forget that Dove is actually trying to sell you something.” By enacting #SpeakBeautiful, Dove put the power into the hands of Twitter users, which is always a risk. Dove has dismissed the negative backlash and instead has chosen to stick to the root of its campaign. The brand continues to respond to many Twitter users who have tweeted negatively about their own body images.


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