Coca-Cola Company Finds Itself in the Midst of Another PR Crisis

Article by Harley Chase | esPResso Staff Writer 

Image courtesy of Flickr/ Mashroms

Image courtesy of Flickr/ Mashroms

In celebration of Fanta’s 75th anniversary, its parent company, Coca-Cola, released a video ad called “Good Old Times.” The ad showed how German bottling factories in the 1940s had to create a new formula for Coke because the original ingredients were not readily available. This new formula became the popular orange soda, Fanta. However, the ad does not mention that the reason the needed ingredients were not available was due to the World War II trade embargo against Nazi Germany.

The ad received tremendous backlash not only because it failed to mention this major detail in history, but because the German language ad explains that Fanta is intended “to give you the feeling of the good old times back,” according to Fortune. Because of this disregard for the events that occurred in Nazi Germany during World War II, Coca-Cola was forced to confront negative publicity and feedback from viewers.

Coca-Cola has recently pulled the ad and apologized. A statement from Coca-Cola explained the video was created to bring about “positive childhood memories” and that Fanta is no way associated with Nazi Germany, according to Fox News.

In this situation, the combination of pulling the ad and apologizing is what seems to be the best option in order to minimize the negative backlash from this advertisement. However, the statement trying to explain the company’s intentions unveiled the company’s lack of consideration and research for all of the possibilities of the intended message.


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