Marist Alumnus Spotlight: Mike McHale

Article by Tatiana Miranda | esPResso Committee Member

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.06.29 AMAfter graduating college most students are on the hunt for one thing: a job. Graduating seniors will soon be Marist alumni who are taking the leap into the “real world.” As Communication students, we are encouraged to pursue internships, take part in networking and discover our passions. However, the daunting question at the end of college is: did I do enough?

Mike McHale, an alumnus from the class of 1987, was able to tell me about his leap from Marist student to copy writer to now founder of his own media consulting agency, CleverWorks. While at Marist, McHale had originally set out to be James Bond and major in criminal justice but changed his mind after taking an advertising class. His interest in advertising spread into his extracurricular activities and for two years he acted as the ad manger for The Circle.

While preparing to graduate, he began searching for his first job. He applied for a sales rep position close to his home that required two years of experience selling advertising space. He convinced the company that his time at The Circle qualified him, and he started his first job as an ad salesman three days after he graduated college. Due to the size of the company, McHale got the opportunity to do a variety of different jobs, from writing the ad copy to working with art directors in order create the ads. After this he went on to work for a variety of different agencies with different accounts. Throughout his career he changed jobs 11 times, but he has held his past two jobs during the last 16 years.

Mike’s career advice for college students:

  • Utilize Career Services and reach out to alumni for guidance, advice or referrals.
  • Changing your mind about what you want to study is normal.
  • Join groups that really feed your passion, one might lead to your future job!

Mike’s tips for resumes and interviews:

  • Use word clouds and put course work on your resume (check out
  • Do research on the companies you want to intern or work for.
  • Knowing a little bit about the person who is interviewing you is helpful. Utilize LinkedIn to do some research.
  • Remember that your resume is an advertisement for YOU to get the interview!

Mike McHale has taught at Marist as an adjunct professor and has been involved in Career Service’s Resume Day for several years. He is a devoted Marist alumnus and is always willing to help a fellow Red Fox!


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