Research Finds That Businesses Prefer Instagram Over Facebook

Article by Dominique McIntee | esPResso Committee Member

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

In today’s competitive society, businesses are constantly trying to seek consumers’ approval by catching their attention on the most relevant, up-to-date media platforms. New findings show that Facebook is now considered outdated by many companies, illustrating the changes taking place in the social media landscape.

A few years ago, businesses would reach out to their target audiences through Facebook. However, businesses are not happy with Facebook’s crackdown on unpaid page posts, according to PR Daily. Because of this, many organizations find it’s no longer effective or strategic to promote on this platform.

Now Instagram, as PR Daily writer Beki Winchel puts it, has become the “new significant other” for brands. According to the recent Instagram 2015 Intelligence Report compiled by L2 that Winchel included in her article:

“Brands posted on Instagram an average of 9.3 times each week. Their average number of weekly posts on Facebook was only 8.8. By comparison, brands posted an average of 11.1 times each week on Facebook in 2013, and an average of only 7.5 times weekly on Instagram.”

Unlike Facebook, Instagram attracts Millennials. This is important because the Millenial Generation is the one with the most influence on spending power and supply and demand, according to PR Daily. Instagram also provides businesses with the opportunity to show images that visually promote their brands and products.

According to an Entrepreneur article, Instabrand CEO Eric Dahan is quoted as saying, “With carefully chosen, highly relevant influencers, a small-business owner can target the most relevant consumers for a fraction of the cost of traditional media” on Instagram.


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