Kraft Recalls Popular Mac and Cheese Due to Metal Pieces

Article by Carly Gray | esPResso Committee Member

kraft logo

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Kraft, the world-renowned macaroni and cheese producer, recently faced a public relations issue. On March 17, Kraft issued a press release stating that the company will recall 242,000 cases of the Original flavor boxes of macaroni and cheese.

According to Kraft, approximately eight consumers have reported finding pieces of metal in boxes of mac and cheese. These boxes were sent to several different countries.

Consumers of the product were told to be aware if the “best if used by date” on their box is from September 18, 2015 through October 11, 2015, or if it has the letter number combination of “C2” located directly underneath the expiration dates.

“Most companies have had their issues and problems and it is not rare that a company will recall some of their products from time to time. However, I believe that they must take the right steps and precautions to resolve the issues,” Marist sophomore Ashley Morello said.

Due to the fact that this is not one of Kraft’s first recall incidents, consumers may loose confidence and faith with the typically trusted family brand. In 2014, Kraft recalled nearly 7,000 cases of its American Cheese Singles cases because of supplier carelessness.

“I eat boxes of Kraft’s Mac and Cheese almost everyday. When I first heard about the metal pieces found in some of their boxes I was shocked,” Marist student Jacquelyn Desjardins said.

In this incident, the brand acted quickly to respond to customer concerns and act on the problem. But if Kraft wants to remain a brand that families can trust, its public relations team must work with internal departments to ensure the proper handling of these situations.


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