Marist Alumnus Spotlight: Jason Farago

Article by Julianna Sheridan | Director of Public Relations 


Image courtesy of Marist College

On Monday, March 30, Marist PRSSA had the pleasure of hosting Marist alumnus, Jason Farago, ’96 as a guest speaker. Farago is currently the head of Insurance & Institutional Client Marketing at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. Farago started his career in sports communication working for ESPN but quickly moved to the world of financial public relations.

Farago offered students many interesting insights into the communications profession throughout the discussion. He warned that there are many different interpretations of the word “communications” that vary depending on the industry. At the same time, it is an “incredible world of confluence,” and the many disciplines are constantly overlapping. Students should keep this in mind when on the job hunt because communication jobs could be under a myriad of titles.

Farago also shared valuable advice on what employers are looking for on resumes: “Everything is about data. [You need to prove] what is your deliverable…that it worked.” Providing numbers on your resume can lead to a memorable discussion during an interview.

The current business market is keeping a watchful eye on social media and quantitative metrics, according to Farago. Every company knows that these two components are important to a business but don’t necessarily know what to do with them or how to interpret the data that they yield. If someone shows skill in either of these areas, they will be successful.

His advice to students entering the workforce, either as a new grad or for an internship, is simple: be flexible. He said that keeping an open mind is the most important thing. Farago also explained that it is okay for students to move around when they first start in the industry. Learning new skills in new industries can be beneficial in the long-term.


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