Op-Ed: Marist PRSSA Visits 5WPR Agency

Article by Rebecca Golub | esPResso Committee Member


Image courtesy of Rebecca Golub

Who? What? Where? When? Why? I am sure your English teachers have asked you these questions throughout grade school when you were told to write a convincing paper on a given topic. Well guess what? If you want to pursue a career in public relations, training your brain to answer those crucial questions was well worth it.

The “w”s in the the name of the first agency we visited on this year’s PRSSA-sponsored agency tour, 5W Public Relations, stand for who, what, where, when and why because these are the questions that a successful public relations professional must ask themselves every time he or she is assigned a new client in order to make the right decisions.

When Marist PRSSA went on its agency tour on April 10, we met with the Vice President of Human Resources at 5WPR, Angela Sposato, who explained the 5W concept to us. PRSSA also had the privilege to meet with the Account Supervisor of Technology, the Vice President of Travel and Hospitality, the Vice President of Home and Housewares and the Account Supervisor of Health Practices. Each account person provided us with an overview of his or her daily and long-term goals for individual clients. This experience gave Marist PRSSA the inside scoop as to how a public relations agency develops the most successful campaigns for its clients. One essential point that each representative from 5WPR seemed to reinforce is how important it is for a public relations professional to re-position a client in the media every few weeks in order to keep it relevant in the news and to create conversations among its key publics.


Image courtesy of Rebecca Golub

After my experience attending this year’s agency tour, I encourage all those involved in communications to seek out similar opportunities. I gained insight into what a human resources department at a public relations firm looks for in internship and job candidates. Therefore, the experience is relative to all those seeking careers in communication. Taking the time to visit agencies will provide you with tips you can take back to Marist and use to further your career aspirations.

Stay tuned next week for our recap of the second agency Marist PRSSA visited!


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