Op-Ed: Is Nike’s Campaign Really “Better For It”?

Article by Ashley Usher | esPResso Committee Member

Athletic giant Nike has a new campaign that is looking to change the conversation about women athletes. The company’s #betterforit campaign focuses on women getting motivated by the small voice in their heads that tells them that they can’t.  By saying that they can’t continue working out, the women in the commercial somehow find a way to persevere and continue.

According to AdWeek, the campaign targeting women is “a light, fun approach in contrast to more motivational Nike spots of the past, and it seems to be resonating with the average athlete.”

According to an article by The New York Daily News, Curves Australia found that, “Thirty-six percent of women say anxiety has prevented them from entering a gym while 53% worry about how they look in their gym gear.” This campaign is meant to motivate insecure women during their workouts while also having them share their #betterforit stories on social media.

The company has received backlash because the women in the commercial have fit bodies and do not necessarily represent the average woman. But the company believes that its campaign is “more than encouragement – with initiatives like #betterforit, Nike provides the tools for women to expand their personal athletic potential,” according to Amy Montagne, vice president and general manager of NikeWomen and Global Women’s Training, in a company release.

As a supplement to the commercial, a running app was created by Nike to help people track and share goals. Nike claims that the campaign is its biggest initiative to support and motivate women during their athletic journeys. It seems as though Nike is changing its strategies in reaching one of their key target audiences: the everyday, active woman.


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