Op-Ed: How to Prepare for an Interview in New York City

Article by Tatiana Miranda | esPResso Committee Chair

Image courtesy of Caruba/Flickr

Image courtesy of Caruba/Flickr

If there is one thing that most Marist students take part in it would be internships. The drive of the students and the support of the faculty and staff at Marist really don’t expect anything less. However, the interviews that most Marist students don’t know what to expect from (especially if it’s their first time) are the interviews that take place in the city. New York City. The Big Apple. The place where Alicia Keys and Jayz’s anthem belts, “Concrete Jungle wear dreams are made of .” Yeah, THAT PLACE. Yes, the interview will still be intimidating, nerve-wracking and somewhere in there exciting, but for many preparing for an interview doesn’t have much to do with what happens during it, but rather what a happens before they even enter the building.

I decided to pick the brains of current seniors at Marist who, in a few weeks are about to take their steps into “the real world” Here are some tips from the pros who have experienced the jitters of that first NYC interview on what to do before that NYC interview:

“With NYC, the key is knowing where you are going and arriving early, even an hour early if that’s what you have to do to make you feel secure.” – Maria Gironas

Look at the industry trends surrounding that company’s clients. For example, if they work with a fashion house, it would be good to look at the industry trends that revolve around fashion. – Edith Morris

“Know how the trains run and your basic surroundings. You can get lost in the city super easily. I almost lost my way once but knowing where you are, knowing how much time you need to get to each place you need to be, is really important. You always want to be early to an interview, [it] shows that you have time management and that you’re eager for them to meet you. – Matthew Tornetta

Before an interview, my biggest advice would be to confirm the day before that it is happening. I know of multiple people who called the day before to confirm and the company had forgotten. – Zach Goldman

Research the company and the person you are interviewing with. Also, take a look at the case studies that they have on the website and ask questions related to the work they do. – Edith Morris

Keep in mind, when it comes to train times, you never know when there might be a delay. I live about 35 minutes away by train (from Long Island) and I left an hour and a half early in case of a delay. – Zach Goldman

Interviews in any city can seem intimidating, but keep these first-hand tips in mind to get to your interview on time and wow the company with great questions.


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