Crying Woman Kicked Off American Airlines Flight for “Doing Nothing”


Image Courtesy of Lasse Fuss, Wikimedia Commons

Article by Katy Zielinski | esPResso Staff Writer

Tiana Fough did not receive a warm welcome from American Airlines during her flight home to Oregon. On Oct. 16, Fough was kicked off her flight although she reportedly “didn’t do anything.” American Airlines finally reacted once video footage of the incident was posted on the internet.

Fough was in line to find her seat and talking with the passenger in front of her when a flight attendant began to yell at her. “You’re getting off this plane. I’m going to kick you off this plane.” Fough, crying and very confused, was then escorted off the vessel. All the other passengers were shocked. In a video recorded by fellow passenger Bill Byrne, people were shouting, “This is the last time I fly American” and “Shame on American.”

Fough flew home four hours later, still confused about the scandal on the earlier flight. She later told the Washington Post she believed the airline was making room for a different passenger. “It’s a little coincidental that I’m being attacked verbally for no reason, and then all of a sudden another guy is getting my seat,” she said.

American Airlines apologized to Fough. After being questioned by the Washington Post, American Airlines made a statement. “We have addressed the issue with our team members to ensure we provide a consistent, quality travel experience for our customers in the future.”

After Byrne’s video was posted on the internet, American Airlines offered a $250 voucher to Fough. Still outraged, she said she would not accept the voucher. Instead, American offered her a cash refund. Despite their attempt at reparation, American Airlines deeply damaged their reputation for their lack of customer service.

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