PRSSA Alumni Panel


Article by Monica Couvillion | esPResso Staff Writer

On Nov. 11, Marist PRSSA welcomed Meredith Lowe, Emily Baksa and Julianna Sheridan to sit on an alumni panel open to all Marist PRSSA students. Lowe graduated in 2013, Baksa in 2014 and Sheridan in 2015,  and today they each work in the professional public relations industry.

The visiting alumnae spoke candidly about their work in PR as well as their time at Marist as PR students. They each emphasized how strong Marist’s foundation of alumni is and how although Marist is a small school, we have connections everywhere. Their passion for Marist was clear as they answered questions from the audience about interview preparedness, agency life and how their coursework at Marist helped them navigate the professional PR world.

Both Lowe and Baksa have experience working for the world’s largest PR firm, Edelman, and the audience was specifically interested in their agency experience. Lowe is currently an Account Executive on the Consumer Marketing team and Baksa was previously an Assistant Account Executive in the New York Health department at the agency before becoming the Unit Marketing Coordinator for Sodexo, where she currently works. Both alumnae spoke highly of their time at Edelman and noted that although it is a huge agency, their own experiences felt personalized and unified within the company. The audience was very receptive of their insight and enjoyed hearing more information about the style of agency life; is it not as intimidating as it may initially sound.

Overall, the alumni panel event was a success. The recent graduates gave compelling insight into how current Marist students can best navigate their remaining years and enter the professional PR industry as impactful, resourceful and confident individuals.

Photo credited by Twitter.


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