NASA Answers Questions by Young Journalist on Humans of New York


Article by Katy Zielinski | esPResso Staff Writer

Humans of New York, the popular blog started by Brandon Stanton, began the career of a young journalist. On Nov. 14th, HONY posted a photo of a father and son posing in the streets of New York. The caption read,

“My dad goes all over the world and learns about the news. One time he met a king. I want to be a reporter too. If I was a reporter right now, I’d probably write a story about if NASA was going to launch a new rocket into space. I’d start by going to the Director of NASA. Then I’d ask him about his rockets. And if any of them were going to space.”

A few hours later, NASA commented on the photo and confirmed that they were working on launching rockets into space. The post went viral and received more than 320,000 likes on Facebook and was shared over 6,000 times.

“Bravo NASA for inspiring real life dreaming,” said one comment from Kayce Treat-Bagsby. Almost 2,000 other Facebook users replied to NASA’s comment supporting their efforts to reach out to younger generations. Huffington Post said that NASA “wins the internet.”

Humans of New York has grown considerably since Stanton coined the idea in 2010. He shares inspiring photographs and stories with his eight million followers on various social media accounts.

Photo credited by Wikimedia.


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