GOP Candidates Slammed on Social Media for Reactions to San Bernardino Shooting

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Article by Alex Hernandez | esPResso Committee Member

The recent shooting in San Bernardino, CA, is the United States’ most deadly shooting since the tragic massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, three years ago.

Last Monday, breaking news interrupted every major network station with a report that 14 people were killed and 17 were injured in a mass shooting. The gunmen consisted of a husband and wife who shot health officials at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino in an act of terror.

In response to this horrific attack, GOP candidates reached out on social media to offer their condolences to the families of the San Bernardino victims. Although their tweets, Facebook statuses and other network outreaches were made with good intentions, they were met with hostile reactions from the public.

The GOP candidates’ responses on Twitter received the most backlash. Celebrities and reporters began to trend the hashtag, #ThoughtsAndPrayers to create a foundation of criticism against the political leaders’ sentiments.

The public lashed out, asking how the #ThoughtsAndPrayers strategy had been working so far, and demanding to know what the GOP candidates planned to do to put an end to this onslaught of mass murders.

The Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, completely skipped condolence messages, and instead opted to tweet that action must be taken. However, this strategy failed to sit well the public, for it was pointed out that Clinton had previously offered “thoughts and prayers,” and no candidate has mentioned any actual coScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 5.33.30 PMurse of action.

America has surpassed every other nation in the world in terms of gun violence, and the public is desperately seeking a solution. The country is ready for action, and this became evident in the public reaction to GOP candidates’ social media responses. It will be interesting to see how GOP leaders react to the Twitter outburst and what course of action they will take to propose a resolution to gun violence in the United States.

Photos credited by Twitter.


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