The Naturally Foxy Club

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Article by Amanda Mancino | esPResso Committee Member

The Naturally Foxy Club is the newest up-and-coming club at Marist College. Over the past year, is has grown beyond the scope originally intended by the capping project. The capping project was called “The Naturally Foxy Campaign,” which strived to bring awareness on campus about body image issues. For the campaign, participants would take pictures without showing their face and talk about something they love about themselves or something they now accept pertaining to their appearance. “As someone who has struggled with body image and insecurity issues, I was immediately interested in the campaign,” says the club’s President, Danielle Hasandjekaj.

Hasandjekaj worked closely with Steph Limiti, the senior behind the capping project. A year later, after a lot of hard work, the club was passed by Student Government. “Our club basically aims to explore areas that are often hidden at Marist College. Body image, mental health, peer pressure, and other factors become masked and undiscussed, and we want to start the conversation,” states Hasandjekaj.

How does someone get involved with the Naturally Foxy Club? Official meetings start in the Spring 2016 semester. The meetings will be discussion- or activity-based, and provide a safe environment for people to let out stress about the issues discussed above. The main goal for the meetings is to create a sense of unity by letting the participants know that they are not alone. “Isolation is the worst possible way of coping with insecurities,” Hasandjekaj says. The club is already bringing change to Marist. This fall, Naturally Foxy participated in the AFSP Out of The Darkness Walk for suicide prevention. The club raised over $1,000, and that’s just the beginning.

Naturally Foxy has big plans for the upcoming semester, and the years to come. These include teaching workshops for middle and high schoolers about self-­esteem, having an AFSP speaker come to campus and talk about depression in college and how to help someone or yourself, yoga and spiritual healing and so much more. Lastly Hasandjekaj says, “I am beyond passionate about changing the way beauty and appearance is perceived on our campus, and am so excited to make a change here at Marist.”

Be sure to check out The Naturally Foxy Club on Instagram @naturallyfoxyclub, on Twitter @NaturallyFoxyMC and “The Naturally Foxy Club” page on Facebook for more information and ways to get involved.

Photo credited by The Naturally Foxy Club.


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