The $50,000 Tweet: A Doritos Super Bowl Contest

Article by Brittany Carpenter | esPResso Editor

For three lucky people during this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, 140 characters had a big payoff: $50,000 to be exact. As a part of its annual “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, this year Frito-Lays invited consumers to take to Twitter and tweet about the Doritos brand, promising a reward of $50,000 to the winners of their “Crash the Second Screen” competition. Doritos awarded cash prizes to one text-based tweet, one fifteen-second video and one photo submission through the Twitter platform (pictured below).

With this contest, Doritos was able to flood Twitter with branded content and gain massive brand visibility. According to Mashable, a spokesperson from Doritos confirmed that more than 5,500 people entered the contest, and that over 9,400 tweets were generated using the hashtags #Doritos and #entry. With this contest, it is clear that brands are taking social media more seriously and realizing the power that it has to spread their message and engage users.

This year marked the tenth and final year for the “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, where consumers produced their own video advertisements about the product and competed for a chance to have their video aired live during the Super Bowl. These videos also caused quite a buzz, which added to the brand exposure for the company. With the retirement of this campaign, it will be interesting to see what Doritos has in store for the public next year.

The Lucky Winners:



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