Marist PRSSA Teaches Members How to Keep A Professional Online Presence

Article by Tatiana Miranda | esPResso Committee Member

On Wednesday, February 17th, the PRSSA e-board held a meeting for members to learn about how to keep a professional presence when using social media. The meeting also included how to use other resources to help students stand out to future employers, and how to search for future internships or jobs. The presentation focused on teaching members how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to their advantage.

Vice President Nicole Tackley took some time to discuss how to create and utilize LinkedIn. Aside from the basics of making sure you have an appropriate profile picture, she explained the need to  develop a summary of who you are, to interest future employers, and  talked in-depth about “endorsements”. She also explained how to utilize LinkedIn in a way that allows you to research possible employers, internship supervisors, alumni, and more. By finding these people, students have the opportunity to do some necessary research or networking that may help them professionally. She concluded by reminding members that another benefit of LinkedIn is that by following certain companies, you will be able to see what jobs and internships they have available.

Director of PR, Crisitna Drimbarean, took some time to discuss how students could better utilize Facebook. She pointed out what areas of Facebook are already public, which includes your profile picture, cover photo, the posts that you share, and comments/likes. By navigating her own Facebook, she explained how to regulate these areas and reminded members to use appropriate images to display themselves. She also pointed out the “about” section that Facebook and how students should take this area seriously by filling it out with basic information that may catch a future employers eye (for the right reason!)

Director of Membership, Tatiana Miranda then discussed how to use Twitter from a professional standpoint. She addressed a common question with Twitter regarding if users should have separate Twitter accounts: one that is personal, and another that is professional. While this is based on preference, Miranda recommended that having one public account would be the best way to go. Further, she discussed ways that could make your Twitter feed stand out in a professionally by following industry publications, firms, brands, and even reporters. By doing this, students can find out the latest news within the industry or find out about open positions or internship opportunities! Following these different accounts can show those looking at your profile that you are up to date with not only current events, but things going on in the industry. Miranda emphasized that interacting with other people on Twitter when you have something worth contributing to a conversation is important, along with re-tweeting and favorite-ing different articles. We never want to forget that it is a platform that is supposed to inspire conversation.

The meeting also touched on helpful website, including that provides users with the ability to create an online portfolio. The presentation concluded with explaining internship and job search sites such as,, and that members could utilize. We know we have great PR students here at Marist; we just want to make sure everyone else gets to see that!
A parting word of advice: make sure to utilize the Marist Communications Internship office and the Career Center. The people who work there can provide you great guidance and assistance in reshaping your resume and help you identify internship opportunities based on your needs. Know that there are so many helpful tools out there that can help make you and your public profiles stand out to employers!

Article by Tatiana Miranda


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