Marist Sings About More Than Love This Valentines Day

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Courtesy of Music at Marist Facebook

Article by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer

This year’s annual production of Love in the Afternoon took on a personal note as Marist Singers aimed to promote and raise money for the Maya Gold Foundation. On Feb. 13 and 14, various singers took to the stage in support of the foundation, which was recently formed following the suicide of a student attending a neighboring school, Suny New Paltz, in October 2015.

This foundation, which aims “to empower youth to access their inner wisdom and realize their dreams” was chosen because of a personal relationship between Choral Director, Sarah Williams, and the deceased’s family. It was this personal connection to the foundation that inspired Marist Singers to give their all, and aim to raise as much as possible for this cause. After the three successful performances, $5,000.00 was raised.

Marist Singers knew that they succeeded when the Saturday 7 p.m. performance completely sold out of tickets early that morning.  The turnout was immense, and included members from the surrounding community as well as family members of the deceased. This emotional community event helped to reinforce the message that people are there for one another in a time of distress.

By choosing foundations that impact the community and not just the campus, Marist is able to generate a larger turnout for these annual events. As a result of planning, timing, promoting, and advertising, Marist was able to make this more than a just campus wide event. The Marist Music Department and over 200 student singers who were involved are hoping for an even larger success next year.



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