#FreeKesha: Fans Show Support of Pop Star With Hashtag

Article by Samantha Caffrey | esPResso Staff Writer

Since pop-singer Kesha’s long awaited court date on February 19, there has been uproar across the nation. Kesha, 29, has been battling a long time court case against her executive producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, or better known as Dr. Luke. According to Rolling Stone, Kesha alleges that she was “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused” by Dr. Luke. Prior to the ruling that took place on February 19, she was seeking a release from her binding recording contract, which states that if she wants to make music she must work under the power of Dr. Luke. Kesha, not feeling comfortable in the situation, does not want to continue to work with him.

The court on Friday, February 19 ruled that her bid for release from the contract was denied. She is obligated to produce four more albums under Dr. Luke and the Sony Music contract. Sony Music, who has been negatively targeted for not helping by releasing Kesha from her contract, released a statement responding to the backlash. It stated they did not possess the power to terminate the contract since Kesha signed on to work with Dr. Luke’s company Kasz Money and not directly with Sony.

People all over the world responded in shock and horror when the decision was released. #FreeKesha has consistently been a trending topic on social media networks in the recent weeks as the case unfolds. Many big names in the music industry like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Adele, Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus showed support via Twitter and Instagram. Swift also donated $250,000 to the cause for any financial help Kesha may need at the moment. Kesha has thousands of people standing behind her, shocked and upset at how unfairly she is being treated. Although we may not know all the details, she ultimately has the support of people who recognize the severity of this topic. Her struggle and bravery to speak out has shed light on the ongoing problem of abuse and people’s fear to take a stand. In the darkness of a negative situation, a positive light has been shed due to the unwavering support from people on various social networks using, bringing attention to the fact that if people are going through something similar, they are not alone.

The judges on the case are currently waiting to see if they receive any further evidence that may sway the decision before deciding whether or not to dismiss the case or proceed further.


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