Is There Ever a Wrong Time to Buy Girl Scout Cookies?

Article by Christina Crasto | esPResso Staff Writer


Photo: Courtesy of Adweek

This year’s host of the Academy Awards, Chris Rock, encouraged the audience to buy Girl Scout cookies from his daughters, providing the Girl Scouts with about $5.5 million of free publicity. Research from Amobee Brand Intelligence showed that Rock’s unpaid endorsement not only led to #GirlScouts being a trending Twitter topic, but it also garnered 49,023 tweets about Girl Scout cookies and $65,243 in sales and donations.

Rock lamented to crowds about how his daughters have never sold the most cookies, leaving him partially to blame for missing the selling season. With two simple statements about reaching into your “millionaire pockets” and not denying his “princesses” cookie sales, Rock used his prominent position on stage to raise money his daughters’ Girl Scout troop. He even called out several stars, including Tina Fey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron and Matt Damon. His daughters entered the crowd during commercial breaks to continue sales, recruiting other buyers like Vice President Joe Biden, Henry Cavill, Benicio del Toro, Steven Spielberg and Christian Bale.

Rock’s cookie sales promotion later sparked the creation of a Buzzfeed article, commenting on which stars like which flavor of cookies best. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers then responded to the press that his favorite flavor was not in fact Savannah Smiles despite pictures showing him posing with a box, he admitted to actually liking “red, green, purple in that order.” A Girl Scouts troop from Suffolk County, New York even made a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio with Trefoils combined with the “Be Like Bill” meme to promote their own sales.

Social media reactions to Rock’s cookie sales promotion ranged from admiration for being the “Dad of the Year” to critics who labelled Rock as an opportunist for guilting Hollywood’s A-listers into supporting the Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts Director of Communications Stewart Goodbody responded positively to the comments about labelling Kate Winslet and Mindy Kaling as brand ambassadors, while Girl Scout Chief Executive Anna Chavez enjoyed the free publicity and thousands of dollars in sales, as she personally tweeted at Rock, thanking him for “making this year’s #Oscars the sweetest yet!”


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