Tainted Water, One Drop at a Time

Article by David Zambuto | esPResso Committee Member

When we think of satisfying our thirst, for many of us our first solution is water. The classic thirst-quencher, we have come to view water as a safe and healthy option. However for the citizens of Flint, Mich., this has not been the case.

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

According to USA Today, water contamination in Flint began in April 2014  when government officials chose to switch the water supply for the city from the standard Detroit Water to Flint Water as a method for reducing costs. As a major consequence, corrosion of lead pipes has lead to major health problems for citizens.

Reported from CNN, Governor Rick Synder of Michigan has claimed full responsibility and in an effort to correct the problem, appointed Edward Kurtz as the emergency director. However, despite the sincerity and the deepest apologies, further investigations may lead to possible manslaughter charges from multiple higher institutions according to the Washington Post.

In an ongoing campaign, from written reports from the New York Times,  Synder has declared a state of emergency on Jan. 5 and is using the $5 million in aid from President Obama from the Federal Emergency Management Agency  for relief. Further aid could arrive if the Michigan House of Representatives approves the recommended $28 million pleaded from Synder.  To combat affected children, from recent coverage from NBC News, the health and human services department is using $3.6 million for head start programs to benefit 78 preschoolers and creating new classrooms for 51 kids.

Residents of Flint, Michigan continue to be affected by this crisis.


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