Windex and My Big Fat Greek Wedding Reunite With #PutSomeWindexOnIt

Article by Sarah Pickett |esPResso Committee Member

Fourteen years ago My Big Fat Greek Wedding made its way to theaters and into audiences hearts. The loud, overbearing, Windex loving Portokolas family quickly became America’s favorite Greek family. Now the family is back for a sequel. SC Johnsons brand, Windex, has created the campaign #PutSomeWindexOnIt in efforts to build buzz around the Windex brand by using its role in the movie franchise.

The brand has taken to Twitter, creating a Windex bottle bride and groom. According to Windex’s official Twitter page, the pair was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the movies release. There are several tweets featuring the couple with captions that incorporate the hashtag #PutSomeWindexOnIt.[1]

Image featured on website

During the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 movie premiere, the Windex couple was seen strutting down the blue carpet dressed in their bride and groom attire. Fisk Johnson, the chairman and CEO of SC Johnson, even made an appearance at the movie premiere.

According to PR Newswire, the brand is allowing consumers to get discounted tickets to the movie. Buzzfeed has also been involved in the campaign with an article titled “14 Tidying Tips to Keep Your Chaotic Home Feeling Calm and Clean”. At the end of the article there is a Windex Advertisement with the caption “For your small cleanups that make a big difference, you can always #PutSomeWindexOnIt.” Underneath the Advertisement, the trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is placed.

The fan favorite line “Put some Windex on it” has been transformed into an interactive campaign. From social media to a ticket giveaway, the Windex brand has pulled out all the stops. The brand has taken full advantage of its role in the popular movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and audiences can sure expect to see more comical Windex bits in its sequel.

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