Honey Nut Cheerios #BringBackTheBees Campaign

Article by Samantha Caffrey | esPResso Staff Writer

Popular cereal brand General Mills is taking an unorthodox approach to spread awareness about a serious global issue. They have decided to remove their cherished bee mascot temporarily from all boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios in order to raise awareness about the steadily decreasing population of the world’s honeybees.

The campaign launched on Monday, March 14 in Canada with the official name #BringBackTheBees. The motivation behind the campaign is the lack of buzz surrounding the severe issue of honeybee death plaguing the world. According to Fox News, scientists are not positive as to what causes the trend that kills bees but it is becoming a bigger threat, considering one-third of the world’s food is made possible by the pollination of bees.


Image Courtesy of Entrepreneur

Most people are not aware of this phenomenon or do not recognize how the severity of the situation. By creating this hashtag, General Mills has gotten the word out in hopes that people will start listening. Additionally, since it is predicted that a possible cause of the fatal loss of bees could be due to habitat loss, General Mills has asked the people of Canada to plant 35 million wildflowers, one for each member of the population. They are giving the residents of Canada free wildflower seeds to plant, and are also encouraging Americans to plant any flower that produces nectar.

Taking both a physical and a technological approach with this campaign through the planting of flowers and the #BringBackTheBees hashtag is a unique and smart approach on behalf of General Mills. Perhaps that by showing people they can individually make a difference, it will show that together as a planet, we can combat this unfortunate issue.

Image courtesy of Pixabay 


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