Instagram Platform Update Leaves Some Users Unhappy

Article by Alexandra Hernandez | esPResso Committee Member 

Many Instagram users are up in arms about the company’s new update. When technological updates are made to any form of social media platform, a percentage of users are bound to be dissatisfied. While some people prefer sites to stick to their original ways, Instagram’s latest update may be the most positive change the company has made to date.

Instagram’s original layout provided photos in chronological order. Each user someone follows would appear based on the time their picture was posted, and users were able to scroll through their feed and view every photo chronologically. With the new algorithm, posts will be ordered based on individual preference and users most “liked” or interacted with. Similar to the algorithm used for Facebook, Instagram users will be able to pay attention to photos that adhere to their interests and ignore posts that do not appeal to them.

Some critics believe that the algorithm change will hurt Instagram, but most agree that the upgrade will not have a negative effect. Facebook possesses an order missing from other social media sites like Instagram. Changes to Facebook’s layout initially elicited complaints from users, but such complaints have subsided over time as people recognized the benefits of the algorithm.

Instagram currently yields 400 million users; some of these users are bound to be unhappy with the change. 70 percent of users do not see their friends’ posts, and the update promises that this will no longer be an issue. The new Instagram algorithm is still in a testing period, and the final update will not be released for weeks or even months– giving people plenty of time to get used to the new idea.


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