The Bunny’s Been Busy: Cadbury Easter Campaign

Article by Christina Crasto | esPResso Staff Writer

The second largest confectionary brand in the world, renowned for its chocolate crème eggs and dairy milk chocolate, drew inspiration from the Loch Ness monster to create a new campaign this Easter season.

Cadbury launched its Easter campaign titled “Bunny’s been busy” at the beginning of March by placing three eggs, each the height of a double decker bus in the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland. Each egg, weighing about four tons, was decorated to look like the company’s famous crème filled eggs. The stunt was promoted and organized by the agency Carat and its sister company Dentsu Aegis to resemble an image of the Loch Ness monster emerging from the water. The overall objective of the campaign is to engage consumers in a live Easter egg hunt, as Cadbury eggs began popping up all over the United Kingdom, including the Sea Life London Aquarium and the Camber Sands with the hashtag #EggsEverywhere.

In addition to building on Cadbury’s 15 years of partnering with the National Trust, the £6 million campaign includes donations to the Loch Ness project and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. This community relations initiative also featured over 300 egg hunts for charity, along with more stunts and advertisements. Featured events included a free tasting at Temple Pier in Inverness-Shire and egg hunts at the Pollock House in Glasgow and at the Greenbank House and Garden in Clarkson. By involving the entire family, Cadbury has welcomed consumers of all ages to participate in the hunts.

This campaign also operated as an effective issues management strategy, considering the recent criticism Cadbury has faced for minimizing references to Easter on the packaging of its chocolate eggs. By demonstrating a sense of whimsy and creativity, Cadbury not only reconnected with its consumers through the celebration of the Easter season but also demonstrated positive community relations through its philanthropic efforts.


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