Apple iPhone 7 Comes with New Features and Lots of Opinions

25842583096_b5d1672e8f_cArticle by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer

Apple released their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus online on Friday, September 9 and in store on Friday, September 16. Apple incorporated several new features, resulting in a media frenzy. Customers who purchased the new phone had both good and bad opinions on its new features.

Fortunately, customers found the improved camera quality, water and dust resistant technology, brighter screen, new glossy finish (called “jet black”), enhanced battery life, and installed stereo speakers as a plus. All those features improved daily life for customers. Apple received positive feedback, saying photos came out significantly better and the speakers were definitely louder.

On the other hand, Apple received backlash for other features too. Many customers found the new “home” button frustrating and ‘unsatisfying’. Other customers are skeptical and angered by the new AirPod wireless earbuds. Many memes have been circulating social media referencing how easy it is to lose the earbuds. Additionally, the earbuds only hold a five-hour charge, so chargers now have to be carried alongside the earbuds.

Apple used these features to run a “courage” campaign, lessen production costs, and keep up with the idea of change. The touch “home” feature, removes internal phone parts, which means less products to purchase for Apple. “Courage” is being used for the new wireless earbuds. It symbolizes Apples passion and innovation for stepping out of comfort zones and trying something new.

According to, CEO Tim Cook said; “It’s the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7”. Employees of Apple are excited about the new phone and are eager to continue improving and excelling in creating user-friendly, appealing technology for every generation.



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