Trump Takes Over The Tonight Show

Article by Olivia Kalentek | esPResso Staff Writer

Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, had presidential candidate Donald Trump on his September 16 show. As per usual, something interesting always happens when Donald Trump is on the show. However, this time, the event was thought up and encouraged by Jimmy Fallon. The whole thing began when Fallon asked if he could do something now that he cannot do when Trump possibly becomes president; which is to mess up Trump’s hair. This led to a seemingly uncomfortable “yes” from Trump, and a shocked audience. This part of the interview went viral and it received a lot of backlash. People were upset with how Fallon handled himself in the interview. There were complaints of how Fallon was trying to make Trump more relatable to the public.

I feel that this view is not entirely wrong. Let’s rewind for a second. At the beginning of his candidacy, Donald Trump was viewed as a loose cannon. He said what was on his mind, so much so that he even contradicted himself at several points. As he continued through his candidacy, according to Forbes, he “Tells it like it is,”. He brought up issues that people think about or are affected as a result. This was evident because when it came time for the presidential primaries, Trump swept them with a huge lead, according to The New York Times. In fact, he ended up being the last Republican candidate left after his competition dropped out. Now, as we inch closer to election day, he is becoming more reserved about what he says. This interview with Jimmy Fallon is proof of that. (Jimmy Fallon even comments on this change.)

Throughout the entire interview Donald Trump maintains a reserved composure. He has a calm tone in his voice, he continuously looks from the camera to the audience for eye contact, and the overall focus of his answers were to help people. “Spend less do more,” “If you want to help people there is no better position to do it than the President.” These are two quotes Trump said in this interview. This is a far cry from “Let’s build a wall,”. Whether you believe that he was forced to say these things or he did so by choice, it is clear that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump wants to change his image before the presidential election.


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