The Astrologists Got it All Wrong

Article by Caroline Wolf | esPResso Committee Member

Everyone knows that astrology is all in good fun. We read our horoscopes for the week and gawk at the coincidences and laugh at our predictions because after all, how do the stars predict when and how we’re going to fall in love? Nonetheless, we are all born under a certain star sign that somehow predicts our personalities and how we interact with one another. We hold that star sign near and dear to us, putting our signs on bracelets, apparel, and even tattoos. But unfortunately for all those tattooed, our star signs are apparently…wrong.

Earlier this year, NASA released a blog post detailing the study of astronomy versus astrology and how the two work together. It was also noted that ancient Babylonians had thirteen constellations on a twelve-month calendar so many Sagittarius’s now fall under the new zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. Now while we consciously know that these signs hold no scientific grounds, it can feel pretty life changing to learn that you are not the star sign you thought you were. The  Today Show posted a full list of the new zodiac calendar, so everyone can now adjust their personalities accordingly.

The new revelation sparked outcry among loyal zodiac believers all over the world. Via social media, people reacted in shock, anger and denial. Some have lived their lives religiously checking their horoscopes daily and looking for their perfect zodiac match. Some individuals have even built their careers off of the subject. With the uproar all over the internet, it will be interesting to see how people continue to react in the coming months.


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