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Article by David Zambuto | esPResso Staff Writer

Rumors of a policy change from the social media giant Twitter created a surge in web traffic. According to the Wall Street Journal, one major change was being speculated about via social media, reporting that one element of Twitter’s policy was subject to major change. Rumors arose that the traditional 140 character limit would be replaced by a new limit of 10,000 characters, changing Twitter’s content from brief headlines for major news trends to more of a public blogging platform with longer, essay type posts like Facebook. This rumor was confirmed when co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey posted a public tweet about the future vision of Twitter, with his tweet having 1,317 characters with spaces.


In July, months after Dorsey’s post, Twitter officially changed the character count of private messages from 140 to 10,000 characters.

Months later, Twitter once again changed its policy by no longer having photos, videos, GIFS or polls count against the 140 character limit for regular tweets, pleasing many tweeters who had been advocating for the ability to post more.


According to USA Today, the reason for not changing the character limits for regular tweets, as quoted by Twitter’s CEO Dorsey, was that Twitter was “not giving up on the idea of Twitter being in the moment.” He further stated “that concept of brevity, speed and live conversation -being able to think of something and pulling it out to the world instantly (was) most important.”

Twitter’s chief marketing officer Leslie Berland explained that the change in policy was to “make the Twitter experience for those who use Twitter every day more dynamic, faster, more interesting, more expressive.” This was in response to keeping up with its 300 million plus users and in an attempt to increase stagnated growth that decreased stock prices and worried investors.

While such changes have been made, there are still many improvements that Twitter has not yet addressed, such as the ability to edit a tweet after it has been tweeted. As for now, users can enjoy more freedom.


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