Nike Brings “Back to the Future” to the Present

Article by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer

Nike has re-released their famously known Nike Mag. These shoes were already released nearly 30 years ago after the craze when Back to the Future came out. Nike, for a short period of time, released them again in 2011.

For this specific release, Nike is holding a draw from October 4 through October 11. It is $10 dollars to enter and there is an unlimited amount of times to re-enter. Winners will be announced on October 17 and win a pair of these limited time only sneakers. All the proceeds will be donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation. This foundation fights for the cure and awareness of Parkinson’s disease. Michael J. Fox played Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. Ever since he has been committed to fighting against Parkinson’s disease and started his foundation in 2000.

According to ABC News, Nike has previously donated to this foundation in 2011 when the shoes were released since the shoes were modeled after the ones worn by Fox in the hit film trilogy. In 2011, Nike raised about $10 million for the foundation. The foundation as a whole has raised about $650 million since it was founded. Nike hopes that with the online raffle, each customer will buy multiple tickets and ultimately raise a large amount for the foundation.

“People who love sneakers and people who love ‘Back to the Future,’ it’s like a perfect storm,” said Fox on Good Morning America. He is very hopeful that Nike will raise even more money and awareness and loves the new technology that has gone into the shoes themselves. There are only 89 pairs of men’s shoes in sizes seven, nine, 11, and 13.

“Were imagining the very future of sport itself,” said Nike CEO Mark Parker regarding the idea behind the new release. The unique style and design mimics those from the film, but last spring, Nike also came out with the HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker that features the new power-lacing technology. This shoe is said to be available by November 28. This new technology has sensors that react to the body itself. Once your foot slides into the shoe, the laces will tie themselves for a perfect fit around your foot. According to Parker, this “begins our journey with a product that comes alive.”


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