The Vine has been Cut

Article by Sarah Booth | esPResso Staff Writer

Yes, good things always come to an end. But in the case of the popular app and website, little to no one saw that the end was near for Vine. As of October 27th, Vine tweeted “We have some important news to share about Vine Read more here:,” and the highlight within their news release stated, “Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app.”

With its beginnings in 2013, Vine has grown over the years to host over 39 million vines as of February 11, 2016 and over 200 million active members according to Craig Smith, writer at But even those numbers do not compare to Vine’s largest video-sharing competitors, Facebook with 1,712 million and Instagram’s 500 million active users, according to the Global Social Media Ranking 2016. Because Twitter, the owner of Vine, has seen its stock price drop by over 12 points since this time last year, they decided that although well-loved, Vine needed to be cut in order to stay afloat with their current price of 17.66 USD per share.

In the wake of the announcement, Vine’s post on Twitter has seen over 9,600 retweets and over 13,400 likes, many of which include direct tweets by users surprised and saddened by the news. Some people of which took to humor in order to express their feelings:

Nasty Emanuel (therealezway) “@vine @Medium I can’t imagine the horror every attractive teenager must be facing now they realize they’ll never be inexplicably famous” on October 27th, 10:34 AM. Tweet.

Tyler Parkinson (tylerparkinson) “@vine so can we start a @gofundme to buy you? What’s the asking price? Anyone have a rich uncle?” October 27th, 12:05 PM. Tweet.

Among these are other hundreds of tweets saying goodbye and R.I.P. to people’s favorite video watching medium, even if they are only six seconds long. Vine will still allow users to watch videos which have already been uploaded and will not be deleted, but the app will no longer allow new ones to be posted. Hopefully, Vine will stay as a fond memory to those who it brought internet stardom and daily entertainment, However, this desperate action taken by Twitter can truly be seen as a need for change as each of the most popular social media apps are becoming more similar than ever and the need to differentiate is becoming more dire.



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