Diverse Voter Turnout Could Sway the Election

Article by Caroline Wolf | esPResso Committee Member

Have you ever wondered who the president would be if only one demographic could vote? When Donald Trump supporters started to call for the repeal of the 19th Amendment, a woman’s right to vote, people began to question how voter diversity could change the election. This reaction started after FiveThirtyEight released a map of the country and the distribution of electoral college votes if only men or only women were to vote. The results showed that if only women were to vote, Hillary Clinton would receive 458 electoral college votes while Donald Trump would receive only 80. On the opposite side, if only men were to vote, Trump would win 350 electoral college votes with Clinton winning 188. This shows a clear divide in voting habits in just men and women alone.

Survey Monkey took these surveys one step farther by releasing a series of electoral college maps for potential voters to see what the country would look like based on different voter demographics. These maps include demographics from “Likely Voters” to white and non-white millennial demographics. This showcases the importance of voting and how voter diversity truly does count. For example, if only white millennials were to vote, Clinton would win the election with a 326 electoral college win. If non-white millennials were to only vote, Clinton would have a phenomenal lead of 518 electoral college votes with Trump at a mere 13.

This controversial election has encouraged many people to forfeit their ability to vote this year. Many people see it as a battle of two evils, sometimes rightfully so. However, it needs to be understood that every vote truly does count and it is a civic duty to vote for the candidate that best represents one’s views. In this election, it is more important to vote on policy versus personality and if enough people understood this, voter turnout would soar. While voter turnout is expected to be unusually high for this election, sacrificing a constitutional right may not be the answer to this situation. These maps show that no matter what, a diverse voter population can sway the election and reward the country with the candidate that best represents the popular American views.


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