Freeze! It’s the Mannequin Challenge

Article by Kerri-Ann Seredinsky | esPResso Contributing Writer

First there was the Cinnamon Challenge, then there was the Ice Bucket Challenge, most recently there was the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. However, the challenges don’t end there. A new viral trend has arrived and stolen the public’s attention within the realm of social media.

The Mannequin Challenge is the most recent internet craze that has been most often associated with the release of the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. This challenge essentially entails everyone taking part to freeze in place and form a diverse set of adolescent life activities that is then filmed. It can be found among various social media networks through the hashtag #mannequinchallenge.

The name has little to do with the song lyrics itself so what really is it that set this trend off on social media? The challenge began after multiple videos consisting of footage of frozen high school students all over the country were released via social media. Originally not holding any music in them, students began to play the unofficial anthem “Black Beatles” while remaining effortlessly frozen in time. What began as a small scale trend that high school students took part in has now become a viral challenge that people all over the nation are taking part in. Major organizations like the NYPD, well known sports teams, and even various celebrities have taken part in this challenge.

Celebrities taking part in this challenge are adding fuel to the already lit fire this fad has in the realm of social media. The world renowned pop sensation Taylor Swift is just one of the many celebrities who have recently taken this challenge on. Additional celebrities that have created their own footage of the challenge include The Kardashians, Destiny’s Child, Adele, Kevin Hart, Hillary Clinton, and Paul McCartney. The recognition from these well known individuals have really helped to take this challenge to a viral level. With the public’s interest already geared toward the latest celebrity gossip, a sensation such as this challenge is almost impossible to miss.

Be prepared to see more viral videos of people frozen in time in your near future. This trend is still up and coming and the public cannot get enough of it. So next time you want to take part in a viral internet fad, make sure to challenge yourself with the new #mannequinchallenge.


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