PRSSA Fall 2016 Mentor Program Highlights

Article by David Zambuto | esPResso Staff Writer

On November 14th, 2016, Marist College, the PRSSA Mentor Program held it’s third and last meeting for the Fall 2016 academic semester at Marist College. The Mentor Program is designed to help freshman and sophomores connect and learn from juniors and seniors with aspects of PR and most importantly applied communication skills for their next career and internship opportunities within the Marist Community. The mentor program for this semester was conducted by David Zambuto, a junior at Marist College, who serves additionally as the Director of Member Services.

The first meeting was held on September 28th, 2016 in the School of Communication and Arts Lowell Thomas Academic building. For this meeting, PRSSA members tested their skills and knowledge on differentiating  the differences between public relations, advertising, marketing and journalism as these terms are consistently seen to the public as very similar or the exact same thing. Members were shown clips of the TV shows: Mad Men, the West Wing, House of Cards as well as a journalist piece from Ben and Jerry’s and a clip from the film Minions 2.

The first meeting additionally looked at the numerous types of public relations for post graduation opportunities including: crisis communication, food public relations, travel public relations, entertainment public relations, etc.

The second meeting was held on October 19, 2016 at the same location where members learned about the “Digital Age.” The topics discussed were: the famed bubble period in the 90’s, year of origin and publication for major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat as well as social media management platforms: Hootsuite, Salesforce, Buffer, Greenleaf and Sendible. Members were further challenged to try their skills at conducting social media in countries outside of the U.S. such as China and Russia.

The final meeting occurred on November 14th, where members participated in a workshop on utilizing their ultimate toolbox for achieving their ideal career.

In regards to the program this semester, Mentor participant Jessica Steinacker said that the mentor program was “helpful for freshman and sophomores.” Mentor participant Ally Butz said the program was “helpful for jobs and internships and really helpful for meeting other similar communication students.” Former Mentee and current Mentor,  Nicole Benedetto said “last year I had a great mentor and wanted to join again to continue the experience.”




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