Winter Storm Stella: The Blizzard that Never Came

Article by Caroline Wolf | esPResso Staff Writer

Sunday night, families all over the northeast rushed to supermarkets to stock up for the latest winter storm Stella. The storm came up from the middle of the country, hitting every northeast state from Maryland up. Even states like Ohio were not spared the wrath of the latest winter weather catastrophe.

Weathermen predicted that New York and Connecticut would get the worst band, expecting 24-30″. However, by 8 A.M. Monday morning, New York City had called off the blizzard warning and told residents to avoid travel as much as possible but to only expect 8-12″.

This came after all northeast airports stopped all departures and arrivals, leavings thousands of passengers stranded in a variety of destinations. LaGuardia and Newark Airports began to accept flights at 8 P.M. Tuesday night while employees still worked tirelessly to clear the runways.

Every year northeast residents can expect a mid-March winter storm, but every year people behave like it has never happened. Gov. Malloy of Connecticut and Gov. Cuomo of New York issued a travel ban to keep people off the roads due to icy conditions. People were urged to run to the store to buy all of the milk and bread they could while some took the time to prepare their generators in the event of loss of power.

It also did not help that the storm was extremely hyped up via social media. Northeast residents took to the internet to express their concern and spread warnings to others. Also, with the spring-like temperatures from the week before, people were even less pleased with the storm. Needless to say, it was blown out of proportion in many ways.

While states like Connecticut and New York have been blessed with 60 degree weather for a few weeks, a snow storm of this size is not uncommon and temperatures typically drop again in mid-March. It’s really nothing more than a mild inconvenience. But, we can hope that Stella brought the last of the snow we’ll see for the year and we’ll be ready to do this all again next year.


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