Welcome Marist Class of 2021!

Article by Caroline Wolf | esPResso Staff Writer

On Saturday and Sunday, Marist College held its annual Accepted Students Open House weekend. Families from as far as California traveled to the Hudson Valley to visit Marist and all it had to offer. Marist College Student Ambassadors were on campus as early as 8 A.M. to welcome families, waving banners and signs. The admissions staff gathered in the McCann center greeting families, taking pictures, and bringing students into the arena for President Yellen’s opening remarks. Students and their families soon embarked on a morning and afternoon of seminars, an activities fair, some bookstore browsing, and tours. Tour guides gathered in the Rotunda, awaiting families who wanted to see all of campus or even just the residence areas one more time.

The event was a success as hundreds of families left with smiles on their faces. A few accepted students even tweeted about their commitment to Marist College after their departure with the hashtag #MaristOpenHouse and #Marist2021. Marist College admissions staff would retweet and reply to these tweets to show their support and to give a newly accepted student some recognition. Current students could visit the hashtag and respond with their congratulations and make new students feel welcome.

The Marist Admissions staff used every bit of social media to impress prospective students and show Marist’s school spirit. The Marist College snapchat was being continuously updated with current events and tour guides waiting for prospective families. Instagram photos of admissions counselors and students were posted, again with the hashtag #MaristOpenHouse so students could follow the trend. Marist College even took to Twitter to showcase tour guides and update families about when seminars and events were starting.

The Open House was a success as many prospective students decided to submit their deposit to Marist while on campus and many families were continuously thanking the admissions staff and their tour guides for a job well done. Admissions counselors were even mingling with prospective students to answer any last minutes questions and provide some insight into Marist and college in general.

Accepted Students Weekend is the busiest weekend of the year on any college campus, but Marist makes it unique and welcoming. The beautiful weather and a picturesque campus made for the perfect setting and all students had a smile on their faces while greeting prospective families. The Marist Class of 2021 felt welcome and included on campus and hopefully they left the weekend with a positive attitude and seriously consider joining the Red Fox family.


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