Coachella 2017: Weekend One Recap

Article by Kerri-Ann Seredinsky | esPResso Committee Member

From the unique fashion trends and food venues, all the way to the biggest musical artists and celebrity appearances, Coachella has deemed itself one of the most iconic music festivals of the 21st century.

What began as a small music festival in the desolate Colorado Desert in Indio Valley California has transformed into one of the biggest pop culture events of the century. This transformation began in 1993 when Pearl Jam found solace at the current venue of Coachella, The Empire Polo Club. At the time bands were speaking out against the high processing fees that large ticket companies like Ticketmaster were charging. When they found this venue that did not sell tickets through larger companies, many other bands caught on. Six years later in 1999, Paul Tollett and “Goldenvoice” organized the first ever Coachella Music and Arts Festival at the same venue. The event was extremely successful and ultimately shaped the Coachella we know and love today.

Coachella is still going strong as it reaches its 22nd year. The headlining artists for 2017 include Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead. Each headliner qualifies respectively as a well known artist within the pop, rap and alternative rock genre of music appealing to a wide array of musical enthusiasts. Some highlights from this weekend’s performances include Lady Gaga premiering her new song “The Cure,” various guest appearances by rap artists such as Drake and Migos, and Radiohead having technical difficulties during their song “Let Down.”

Fashion trends are ever changing and play a huge role in the festival culture of Coachella as well. In the past music festival-goers have been scrutinized for the cultural appropriation of native american headdresses. While attendees still appear to be wearing them this year regardless of these comments, there are new trends that are on the rise. The infamous flower crowns are not nearly as popular as they have been in the past. This year space buns have made their debut replacing the previous flower trend. Additionally, this year Coachella happened to fall on Easter weekend. Some guests decided to dress accordingly this past Sunday by flaunting their own set of bunny ears.

If you have access to social media, it’s clear that this two weekend event has been making headlines across all platforms. If you are one of the lucky ones attending this festival, you’re posting about it. If you aren’t, then you’re most likely scrolling through endless feeds of updates wishing you were there. Companies such as The California News Group,  have developed ways for the public to stay up to date on all the trends, stories and music Coachella has to offer. They have developed Snapchat and Instagram accounts that allow users to feel the “Coachella Vibes” from the comforts of their own home.

So don’t wait! If you didn’t stay up to date on the events for the first weekend of Coachella, there’s still one more weekend left to get involved.



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