Boston Strong at the 2017 Marathon

Article by Alexandra Hernandez | esPResso Committee Member

To the millions of people who have run at the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day over the past 121 years, the oldest annual marathon in the world has become far more than just an average run. The marathon is an American symbol of strength, resilience, and determination.

Boundaries were broken when it became the first marathon in history to be completed by a female, despite the difficult journey of women such as Kathrine Switzer (attacked on the course by the race director for running alongside men in 1967) who paved the way towards gender equality. Legends such as Bill Rodgers, Amby Burfoot, Bobbi Gibb and Nina Kusick were born in the 70s and 80s, and every year it has been a spectacle for the world to view.

It is also where two bombs were detonated in act of terror in 2013, forever altering the sport of running, Boston, and the United States.

Four years later, Bostonians proudly host their annual marathon with pride. The victims of the bomb attack will be forever remembered, in addition to the many heroes that came forward on that day. At this year’s marathon, an incredible moment occurred when a male veteran of war with a prosthetic leg carried a woman over the finish line. A commentator at the marathon announced: “The human spirit is alive and well, what a triumphant moment for these two — and in turn, all of us,” Another responded: “This is what Boston Strong is all about! Great sportsmanship and humanity.”

Each year, the runners that participate in the event demonstrate there is reason to have faith in humanity. Boston has definitely succeeded in showing the world how to be #BostonStrong. This hashtag continues to dominate social media, with thousands of people showing their support and pride for the beautiful city of Boston.


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