Article by Sarah Pickett | esPResso Staff Writer

If you didn’t post it, it didn’t’ happen right? Well on May 1st at the Annual Met Gala, Celebrities followed this rule and took to social media. The Met Gala, a fundraising event where the most iconic fashion trends are put on the display by the hottest celebrities, received ample social media coverage. From Kylie Jenner’s bathroom selfie to Instgram posts by Mindy Kaling, Celebrities celebrated the night with their fans by posting their best pictures.

Most events of this caliper are expected to have social media coverage by the celebrities attending, however, in 2015 Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour banned social media of any kind from the event. Today the ban only applies to selfies. Either way this policy doesn’t seem to stop the social media activity.

Kylie Jenner, notorious for her social media presence, broke the rules by posting a large selfie featuring her sister Kim, Brie Larson, John Legend and an array of celebrities in a huge mirror selfie. Like most of Kylie’s post do, this picture gained a lot of attention from the public. Comedian, Mindy Khaling, posted to both Instagram and twitter with a picture featuring Aziz Asnari and Riz Ahmed.

Another rule was broken at the event; the no smoking policy. Also taking place in the bathroom, Celebrities like Dakota Johnson and Frances Bean Cobain shared a cigarette smoke. The celebrities lighting up together was made public by social media posts. Model, Bella Hadid and singer Rita Ora also got in on the action. Ora posted a Snapchat alongside actor Rami Malek, which showed him with a cigarette in his mouth.

Some may argue that the bathroom shenanigans took away from the fashion artistry and the launch of the the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition. Was the dedication to Japanese designer, Rei Kawakubo, overlooked? Or did the Celebrities’ social media coverage help gain traction for the event and truly make it fashions party of the year?




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