The Jones Sisters Meet the Fab Five

Season 3 of Netflix’s Queer Eye was released on the streaming service and viewers were blessed with more heartwarming stories. This season, the Fab Five drove out to Kansas City and took on both men and women. The mission of the show is “to give people both the physical and emotional makeovers of their dreams” (Digital Spy, 2019).

In the second episode of the new season, the five meet two women who own a family barbeque restaurant, “Jones Bar-B-Q”. Both women are over-worked and have little time to spend on themselves. While each member was instrumental in the growth of the Jones sisters, it was perhaps Antoni that helped them achieve their greatest success in their career. Antoni partnered the sisters with a local distribution center to package and sell their famous sauce.

According to the sisters on Instagram, after the show’s premiere, they sold roughly 11,000 bottles (2019). Furthermore, according to Refinery 29, that is almost $76,000 in sales. This small town BBQ is now a national retailer of sauce.

Getting on Queer Eye is almost guaranteed to make you a local celebrity. Remember Tom and Abby from season 1? This Emmy Award-winning program attracts millions of viewers. For the Jones sisters, this publicity has been life-changing. What was once a small hot spot for people in Kansas City, KS has now reached 34k followers on Instagram. They have revamped their website, social media, and kept up with all the things the Fab Five taught them. This show is more than entertainment. It has the ability to reach people from across the world and share the stories of every-day Americans.



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