Who Will Be Crowned the Winner of the Bud Light and Miller Lite Duel?

While this year’s legendary Super Bowl advertisements happened nearly two months ago, two of the top commercials of the night involved the bickering feud between two top beer companies, Bud Light and Miller Lite, continue to go at it with their respective advertising. Bud Light, which is normally well-known for its witty commercials including their collaboration with the series Game of Thrones that brought the iconic “Dilly Dilly” catchphrase, steered its commercial drive to accuse their biggest competitor of their use of corn syrup. With the spark of this commercial, Miller Lite fought back with their accusation towards Bud Light that they are misleading their consumers and in reality, Miller Lite does use corn syrup in the brewing process, however, that is the reason while Miller Lite “tastes so great” and is different from the notoriously unhealthy high-fructose corn syrup.

While consumers speculated this feud would end at the Super Bowl, they soon found out that the feud between the two beer companies is long from over. Miller Lite released a commercial that highlighted that “In the real world, more taste is what matters.” This commercial portrayed how consumers actually feel about Miller Lite compared to how Bud Light perceives how their consumers feel all while emphasizing that consumers tend to prefer the taste of Miller Lite over Bud Light, including Bud Light’s very own Bud Knight.

March sparks even more advertisements with the NCAA College Basketball Playoffs,  as we saw Bud Light’s feisty advertisement criticizing their competitor with their commercial, “Imitation.” The Bud Knight takes yet another hit at Miller Lite and pokes fun at the fact that if Miller Lite plans to copy their advertisement ideas, they ought to copy their decision to add an ingredient label on their packaging as well. Bud Light took the stand that this is beyond a funny advertisement as the VP of marketing at Bud Light states, “We hope MillerCoors is also planning to imitate us by adding ingredient labels to their packaging. It’s good for the consumer and the right thing for the beer industry too.”

While this feud arguably should have ended in February like the Super Bowl, the two companies continue to go at it with their commercials. Though this competition has stirred some creative advertisements, many consumers express their exhaust from the feud. Darren Rovell, a Sports Business reporter, posted a poll on Twitter: Who are you siding within the Bud Light vs Miller Lite war? The winner of the poll was the choice ‘Nobody’, where a whopping 37% chose that option over specifically siding with a company. This sparks the question of how long this feud will continue, or will consumers eventually lose interest before the beer company decides to end it.



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