Where’s the Beef?

While everyone else was trying to decipher if some of the nation’s biggest corporations announcements on April Fool’s Day were true or not, one thing we know is not a prank is the fact that Burger King is now offering a beefless Whooper burger starting on April 1st for everyone, especially vegetarians, to enjoy. This new addition to the Burger King menu is one that is sure to not only please its consumers but also will change up the game for fast food restaurants.

Burger King created this beefless burger with a start-up organization, Impossible Foods, which is assisting Burger King in creating the vegetarian patty made of soybean roots that mimic the texture of meat. So much so, Burger King released a commercial called, “The Impossible Taste Test” and showed that dedicated Burger King consumers could not even tell the difference between the original Whopper burger and the new vegetarian one. Burger King’s chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado stated, “People on my team who know the Whopper inside and out, they try it and they struggle to differentiate which one is which,” highlighting the success of this new taste of the burger.

The innovative burger is being trialed in 59 restaurants in the St. Louis restaurant and if all goes well, Burger King will bring the Impossible Whopper to the 7,200 Burger King branches branch across the United States. Depending on how consumers react to this product, and from immediate reviews which seem to be already fond of the delicious and savory taste, this could lead to a change in the fast food industry and a possible decrease in meat consumption across the nation.

While Burger King has no plan to stop production of their beef burgers, the company is looking to make a profit with the vegetarian burger which costs $1 more than the original Whopper. There are mixed reviews in regards to the burger as some believe they are losing touch with their roots while others are happy with this alternative option, as Burger King is now gaining many of those consumers they originally lost due to their stoppage of consumption of meat.

It will be fascinating to see how this decision of Burger King will impact its competitors. Will other fast food chains begin to make these alternative options as well? Will Burger King fall behind its competitors? I guess we will have to go out and taste this new Burger to see for ourselves!





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