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April the Giraffe: A Live Stream Success

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Committee Member Over the past year, live streaming as a tactic of sharing online content has taken off wildly. While controversial on occasion, it has proven to display light-hearted content at times as well, especially over the course of the last few months. This past winter, Animal Adventure Park […]

The Trouble Onboard Flight 3411

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Staff Writer When it comes to airlines, passengers expect the utmost respect for their safety. Consumers want to be taken care of, knowing that they are in good hands as they are catapulted into the sky in a large transportation structure. Flying can be a scary thing, so when […]

Apple’s True Colors Show For a Good Cause

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Staff Writer Apple unarguably has a significantly large following in society today. Organizations like this tech giant have the impact to make a difference and Apple isn’t shy in giving back to the society that has built it up. Initiatives like Apple’s Matching Gift Program or Volunteer Grant Program […]

Chance the Rapper, and Philanthropist

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Staff Writer On Monday, March 6, Grammy-winning artist Chance the Rapper announced in a press conference that he would be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. The musician claimed that his donation is a “call to action,” signaling out Chicago Governor Bruce Rauner. Last week, the best new […]