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Article by Sarah Lynch – EsPResso Staff Writer With the conclusion of its seventh annual Celebration of Service Campaign, Home Depot has once again distinguished its dedication to serving veterans. From September 7 to Veteran’s Day, members of Team Depot, the company’s volunteer initiative, step “out of the aisles and into their communities” to give […]


Article by Sarah Pickett | esPResso Staff Writer The live action remake of the classic Disney tale, Beauty and the Beast, drew a large audience when it hit theaters on March 17. It is no surprise that the movie was a huge box office success, bringing in $174.75 million just on opening night. Much of […]

Spring Into the Season With Starbucks’ New Cup Design

Article by Kerri-Ann Seredinsky | esPResso Committee Member Starbucks never fails to ring in the holiday season with their red winter-themed cups every year. But who says the holiday season ends with the arrival of spring? This month your beloved coffee company is offering a new holiday cup to spring into the upcoming season. The “Spring” […]

Poughkeepsie Gets Bern-ed at Political Rally

Article by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer  | U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders goes the extra mile while speaking at last Tuesday’s rally in Poughkeepsie, NY. Sanders and his campaign staff flourished when executing a rally in just two days. Marcus Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive, reached out to candidates on Sunday, April 10 […]

The Bunny’s Been Busy: Cadbury Easter Campaign

Article by Christina Crasto | esPResso Staff Writer The second largest confectionary brand in the world, renowned for its chocolate crème eggs and dairy milk chocolate, drew inspiration from the Loch Ness monster to create a new campaign this Easter season. Cadbury launched its Easter campaign titled “Bunny’s been busy” at the beginning of March […]

Sanders Uses Recent Leak of Panama Papers to Promote Campaign Message

Earlier this week, 11.5 million confidential files were leaked from a law firm in Panama, Mossack Fonseca. Since this leak of the so called “Panama Papers,” several world leaders have been accused of hiding their wealth in offshore bank accounts. While many world leaders have tarnished their reputations, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been in […]

Honey Nut Cheerios #BringBackTheBees Campaign

Article by Samantha Caffrey | esPResso Staff Writer Popular cereal brand General Mills is taking an unorthodox approach to spread awareness about a serious global issue. They have decided to remove their cherished bee mascot temporarily from all boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios in order to raise awareness about the steadily decreasing population of the […]