3 Positive Outcomes of the 2016 Presidential Race

Article by Katy Zielinski | esPResso Staff Writer This presidential election has been unique, to say the least. The race started with 16 Republican candidates and four Democratic candidates, all ranging from very diverse backgrounds. As the election has narrowed to five candidates, we are faced with a very negative view of our political system. It is very easy to focus on these aspects of … Continue reading 3 Positive Outcomes of the 2016 Presidential Race

OP-ED: Should Companies Participate In April Fool’s Day Pranks?

Article by Sarah Gelbard | esPResso Committee Member The recent trend of companies engaging in April Fool’s Day jokes has grown significantly within the past ten years. In this age of social media, now more than ever, companies are almost expected and encouraged to go along with these pranks. The reception from the public does vary; some go well and some horribly backfire. This day can … Continue reading OP-ED: Should Companies Participate In April Fool’s Day Pranks?

A Super (Simplified) Tuesday

Article by Monica Couvillion | esPResso Staff Writer As a public relations professional, it is crucial to stay informed about current events, as even the smallest bit of news could alter a client or brand’s reputation on a global scale. Whether your interest lies in entertainment, finance or politics, Super Tuesday is a day that America collectively tunes in to and must monitor, as it can … Continue reading A Super (Simplified) Tuesday

This Trumps the Prior

Leading Republican Party candidate Donald Trump was interpreted as making fun of a disabled reporter this past Tuesday, Nov. 23rd during his speech to supporters. In a previous statement Trump claimed that ‘thousands’ of Muslims in Jersey City had celebrated as the Twin Towers were falling across the river on 9/11. Trump claimed he was not the only one to witness these celebrations, although no one has publicly … Continue reading This Trumps the Prior

An Involuntary Ambassador

Article by Nikki Tackley | esPResso Committee Member Remember middle school? Remember when who you were was determined by how much Abercrombie & Fitch apparel you wore? Living in a foreign country is eerily similar—except who you are is determined by your nationality, not your clothing. Europeans can usually spot an American from a mile away, but unfortunately this does not always accompany the best connotations. … Continue reading An Involuntary Ambassador

Op-Ed: How to Prepare for an Interview in New York City

Article by Tatiana Miranda | esPResso Committee Chair If there is one thing that most Marist students take part in it would be internships. The drive of the students and the support of the faculty and staff at Marist really don’t expect anything less. However, the interviews that most Marist students don’t know what to expect from (especially if it’s their first time) are the interviews … Continue reading Op-Ed: How to Prepare for an Interview in New York City

Op-Ed: Is Nike’s Campaign Really “Better For It”?

Article by Ashley Usher | esPResso Committee Member Athletic giant Nike has a new campaign that is looking to change the conversation about women athletes. The company’s #betterforit campaign focuses on women getting motivated by the small voice in their heads that tells them that they can’t.  By saying that they can’t continue working out, the women in the commercial somehow find a way to persevere and continue. According to AdWeek, … Continue reading Op-Ed: Is Nike’s Campaign Really “Better For It”?