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The Trouble Onboard Flight 3411

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Staff Writer When it comes to airlines, passengers expect the utmost respect for their safety. Consumers want to be taken care of, knowing that they are in good hands as they are catapulted into the sky in a large transportation structure. Flying can be a scary thing, so when […]

Spring Into the Season With Starbucks’ New Cup Design

Article by Kerri-Ann Seredinsky | esPResso Committee Member Starbucks never fails to ring in the holiday season with their red winter-themed cups every year. But who says the holiday season ends with the arrival of spring? This month your beloved coffee company is offering a new holiday cup to spring into the upcoming season. The “Spring” […]

Tesla for self-driving cars by end of 2017

Article by David Zambuto | esPResso Staff Writer On October 20, 2016, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, made a public announcement that Tesla would offer consumers a full fleet of self-driving cars by the end of 2017. Sources at Tesla’s official website posted an update about the self-driving cars a day before Elon […]

Target’s New Restroom Policy Puts Targets on its Back

Article by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer According to USA Today, more than 700,000 people plan to boycott Target stores due to it’s new nationwide bathroom policy that allows the transgender community to use whichever gender specific bathroom they identify with, instead of the gender they were genetically born as. This policy was put into […]

Glamour Magazine’s Misconception of Plus-Size

Article by Marissa Kelly | esPResso Committee Member Earlier this month, Glamour Magazine, partnered with retailer Lane Bryant, debuted a new special Plus Size edition of the publication. The issue targeted women sizes 12 and up and featured famous plus-size women such as models Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, and Victoria Lee. While the new edition […]

Bruce Springsteen Cancels Greensboro Concert in Protest of North Carolina Law

Article by Sam Caffrey | esPResso Staff Writer On Wednesday, March 23, North Carolina’s Congress passed a controversial law that has received copious amounts of negative backlash and responses, including singer/songwriter and legend Bruce Springsteen cancelling a much-anticipated show in protest of the decision. The law in which everyone is protesting against is called the […]

Poughkeepsie Gets Bern-ed at Political Rally

Article by Taylor Romano | esPResso Staff Writer  | U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders goes the extra mile while speaking at last Tuesday’s rally in Poughkeepsie, NY. Sanders and his campaign staff flourished when executing a rally in just two days. Marcus Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive, reached out to candidates on Sunday, April 10 […]