Article by Sarah Lynch – EsPResso Staff Writer #MeToo. With these two words, victims of sexual assault and harassment have boldly taken to social media to share their stories and struggles. From A-list celebrities to friends and family, social media platforms have become inundated with these posts, which is exactly what Alyssa Milano wanted. On […]

Article by Paisley Haddad – EsPResso Staff Writer Starting on October 11th, Forever 21 announced their collaboration with the popular fast food chain, Taco Bell. Once the news hit social media, it immediately went viral. Twitter became full of tweets showing the excitement for the new line. Forever 21 has always been known for their […]

Article by Katy Zielinski – EsPResso Staff Writer At the beginning of October, I had the opportunity to attend the PRSSA National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts with my Director of Finance, Carly Horowitz. Throughout the weekend, we connected with students and professionals who were equally passionate about public relations. We both left Boston feeling inspired […]

Article by Sarah Lynch – EsPResso Staff Writer Sexual assault cases have tarnished many a household name, from Cosby to O’Reilly and countless more in between. Recently, the transgressions of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein have come to light and the media is bursting with allegations. When faced with such ruinous charges, it is the […]

Article by Marissa Kelly – EsPResso Staff Writer In the new digital age, consumers are finding it increasingly more necessary that companies establish brand identities by presenting their morals and values through online platforms. It has seemingly become an expectation amongst the public for brands to make statements after political or social events take place. […]

Article by Katy Zielinski – esPResso Staff Writer Meet the 2017-2018 PRSSA E-board! As you can imagine, it takes hours to plan and host each of our PRSSA events. We book the room, order food, publicize the event, and so much more! Ever wonder who is behind it all? Take a few minutes to learn […]

Article by Paisley Haddad – esPResso Staff Writer From the puppy face filter to the dancing hot dog filter, Snapchat has had it’s share of social media trends. With over 173 million people use these filters daily, Snapchat must keep up with it’s demand. Launched on September 14, Snapchat unveiled their latest filter, featuring “Bitmojis”, […]